2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine"

This is a topic, with start date February 27, 2014 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are International relations, War.

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Economic sanctions should be imposed on Russia


United States should supply weapons to Ukraine


Neutral Ukraine as a solution to the crisis


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Title Author Source Date
Will America heed the wake-up call of Ukraine? Condoleezza Rice The Washington Post March 7, 2014
Western sanctions deliver only a slap on the wrist to Mr. Putin The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post March 17, 2014
Show Putin the high cost of conquest USA Today editorial board USA Today March 17, 2014
Crimea secedes. So what? Ron Paul USA Today March 17, 2014
Ukraine crisis: we have to stand up to Russia – it’s a rogue state Con Coughlin The Daily Telegraph March 17, 2014
U.S., E.U. must stay the course on Russian sanctions over Ukraine The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post March 19, 2014
How to Punish Putin Alexey Navalny The New York Times March 19, 2014
Feeble sanctions leave Russian leader unchallenged The Dallas Morning News editorial board The Dallas Morning News March 19, 2014
Obama’s pathetic response to Putin’s invasion of Crimea Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post March 20, 2014
How to Avert a New Cold War Over Crimea The Nation editorial board The Nation March 20, 2014
President Obama, disregarding his own red line, dithers on Ukraine The Washington Post editorial board The Washington Post April 21, 2014
Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault John J. Mearsheimer Foreign Affairs September 1, 2014