China–United States trade war

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "China–United States trade war"

This is a topic, with start date 2019/01/22 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are Asia, International relations.

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Trade war is good for the United States


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Title Author Source Date
Trump's trade war with China is beating Illinois silly Chicago Sun-Times editorial board Chicago Sun-Times July 23, 2018
No one wins when China and U.S. go to war over trade Tampa Bay Times editorial board Tampa Bay Times September 28, 2018
Trump's trade war with China will hurt consumers San Antonio Express-News editorial board San Antonio Express-News March 27, 2019
Trump is just fighting back in a trade war that China started long ago New York Post editorial board New York Post May 8, 2019
The Guardian view on the China-US trade wars: the global economy is at risk The Guardian editorial board The Guardian August 5, 2019
President Trump’s Fruitless Trade War The New York Times editorial board The New York Times August 6, 2019
Trump’s trade fight with China creates pain for all, including Midwest farmers Chicago Tribune editorial board Chicago Tribune August 6, 2019
U.S.-China trade war is hurting Minnesota Star Tribune editorial board Star Tribune August 7, 2019
Trump doesn't grasp that trade war could cost him re-election The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board The San Diego Union-Tribune August 19, 2019
Trump’s trade war with China is all about national security Myron Magnet New York Post August 23, 2019
Is China ready to negotiate? Donald Trump has no clue on how to deliver a trade deal. USA Today editorial board USA Today August 26, 2019
It's not realistic to cut US-China economic ties. We should compete and win instead. Will Hurd USA Today August 26, 2019
Trump betting the farms on trade war San Francisco Chronicle editorial board San Francisco Chronicle August 27, 2019
Trump China trade war is devastating farmers and ag exports. Will tit for tat ever end? G. William Hoagland USA Today August 28, 2019
Texas is losing in Trump's trade war with China The Dallas Morning News editorial board The Dallas Morning News August 30, 2019
Trump’s holding American farmers hostage. How much damage is he willing to do? The Sacramento Bee editorial board The Sacramento Bee September 9, 2019
Settle trade war: U.S., China need to find a resolution soon Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board Pittsburgh Post-Gazette September 27, 2019