Confirmation of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, 2006 / Confirmation should be filibustered

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Position: Confirmation should be filibustered

This position addresses the topic Confirmation of John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, 2006.

For this position

Quotes-start.png "Democrats looking for a clear message on national security cannot afford to miss this opportunity to block the nomination of a man who personifies the failed Bush foreign policy. After all, it shouldn't be beyond our capacity to have a UN ambassador who is both pro-Israel and capable of fostering good relations with the rest of our allies while keeping Iraq on his front burner." Quotes-end.png
From He's Baaaack: John Bolton ... Still Bad for America, by Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post, August 31, 2006) (view)
Quotes-start.png "Has it occurred to the geniuses running foreign policy for the Bush administration that the world isn't a Fox News show -- that rude spokespeople do not serve American interests?" Quotes-end.png
From Get the hook for John Bolton, by Froma Harrop (The Providence Journal, August 2, 2006) (view)

Against this position

Quotes-start.png "Bolton has a superb record and to deny him would send a dreadful message to the world that the president is not in charge of U.S. foreign policy. Even uglier, it would be doing the bidding of Kofi Annan and the secretary-general's enforcer Mark Malloch Brown, who has cozied up to the Democrats in the hope of dumping Bolton." Quotes-end.png
From Keep John Bolton at the United Nations, by New York Daily News editorial board (New York Daily News, July 31, 2006) (view)
Quotes-start.png "U.N. members see American reform proposals not as ways to improve the organization but as hidden attempts to enhance U.S. power. This helps explain why Bolton has largely failed to achieve his stated goals — or much of anything else." Quotes-end.png
From Rejecting Bolton's Sledgehammer Diplomacy, by Los Angeles Times editorial board (Los Angeles Times, July 27, 2006) (view)
Quotes-start.png "So, will Democrats with broader ambitions -- such as Sen. Hillary Clinton -- now go through the exercise of a purely partisan filibuster to deprive the United States of a representative who, according to his U.N. colleagues, has been calm, firm, forthright and effective?" Quotes-end.png
From John Bolton deserves to remain U.N. envoy, by Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board (Las Vegas Review-Journal, August 4, 2006) (view)
Quotes-start.png "Indeed, most of the criticism aimed at Bolton has nothing to do with him. More than anything else, it represents an effort to set the political stage for the upcoming midterm congressional elections in November." Quotes-end.png
From A defeat for Bolton could undercut US policy, by Thomas M. Boyd (The Boston Globe, August 1, 2006) (view)

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