Cracking Iran, From Inside And Out

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This is an opinion item.

Author(s) Investor's Business Daily editorial board
Source Investor's Business Daily
Date July 10, 2007
Quotes-start.png "Already Iran has begun to ration gasoline, setting off major riots. Because of Iran's heavy subsidies and failure to attract new investment, some analysts believe it will have to start importing oil within five to 10 years — even though it has the world's No. 2 oil reserves. A well-targeted strike on Iran's main gasoline refinery would ruin its economy. So would a strike, now rather than later, on its nuclear facilities at Natanz and Bushehr." Quotes-end.png

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This item argues for the position United States should attack Iran on the topic Iranian nuclear crisis.

This item argues for the position Iranian regime overthrow should be encouraged on the topic Iranian nuclear crisis.