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This is an opinion item.

Author(s) National Review editorial board
Source National Review
Date December 7, 2006
URL http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MmU3NzE2OWFhN2M5ZWZlYWRiNmYxNzk5N2FlYzM5OTg=
Quotes-start.png "Realistically, Syria would want immunity from the consequences of its assassination campaign in Lebanon, and perhaps renewed suzerainty over that country. Iran would want a tacit acceptance of its nuclear program. If the ISG thinks Iranian and Syrian cooperation in Iraq is worth this price, it should say so. But it doesn’t, making its diplomatic recommendations utterly unserious." Quotes-end.png

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This item takes a mixed stance on the position Iraq Study Group's recommendations should be followed on the topic Post-invasion Iraq.