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Discourse DB is a Semantic MediaWiki-based site. If this is your first time using or editing a wiki, we suggest you go to WikiMedia's help page, which covers all the basic details of usage and editing:

MediaWiki help

To find out about the extra features in a semantic wiki, you can read here:

Semantic MediaWiki

The following are help areas specific to Discourse DB:


Almost all editing in Discourse DB will happen with the use of templates. These are strings in which you enter basic information that then get expanded out into longer text. On this site, the expanded text often includes semantic information, to let the site function in database-like ways. You can see the full list of templates at Help:Template text. There is one template each for items, authors, sources, opinions, positions and topics. In addition, there is a template, "wikipedia", that, when placed at the top of any page, will link to the specified Wikipedia entry, to give readers more understanding of that page's contents; this is especially important for author, source and topic pages.

Often, if you make a change in a page, or add a page, that edit won't immediately appear on lists in other pages where it should appear. That's due to caching; you can make the new data appear by hitting the "refresh" tab at the top of whatever page the data should appear in.