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Almost all content in Discourse DB is based around templates. These are strings in which you enter basic information that then get expanded out into longer text. Each page in the site should use at least one of the following templates; all fields are optional.

Templates for opinion items

"Item" template: defines, and gives identifying information about, an opinion item. For more information, see Help:Items.


"Opinion" template: defines an opinion. An item can have any number of opinions. For more information, see Help:Opinions.

{{opinion|TOPIC|POSITION|for, against, OR mixed}}

"Reference" template: defines the reference by one item of another. An item can have any number of references.


Template for topics

"Topic" template: defines an opinion. Start date and end date are optional. For more information, see Help:Topics.

|start date=
|end date=

Template for positions

"Position" template: defines a position. For more information, see Help:Positions.


Template for authors

"Author" template: defines and gives identifying information about an author. The "political affliliation" field is not yet standardized, so you can use any term here. For more information, see Help:Authors.

|first name=
|last name=
|political affiliation=

Template for sources

"Source" template: defines and gives identifying information about a source. The value of the "type" field should be either "Newspaper", "Magazine", "Online magazine" or "Blog". Usually only one of "circulation" and "monthly unique visitors" should be entered, depending whether the source is print or online.

|monthly unique visitors=

Miscellaneous templates

"Wikipedia" template: displays a link to the specified Wikipedia article.