Human Rights Act 1998

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "Human Rights Act 1998"

This is a topic, with start date November 9, 1998 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are United Kingdom domestic politics.

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Act should be repealed


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Title Author Source Date
Time to stop the madness The Sun editorial board The Sun May 12, 2006
A shabby attempt to undermine human rights laws The Observer editorial board The Observer May 14, 2006
Basic freedoms are being lost in the human rights circus Simon Jenkins The Times May 14, 2006
Adrift on a tide of panic The Guardian editorial board The Guardian May 15, 2006
Rights Mess Makes Britain a Soft Touch Tony Parsons The Daily Mirror May 15, 2006
Stop blaming the Human Rights Act Marcel Berlins The Guardian May 15, 2006
If we really want to escape the grip of human rights law we quit the EU Melanie Phillips Daily Mail May 15, 2006
Let's not allow the battle of a Biro and an octopus to ruin an inspiring Act David Aaronovitch The Times May 16, 2006
It is absurd to calculate human rights according to a cost-benefit analysis Ronald Dworkin The Guardian May 24, 2006
Enshrine these rights Francesca Klug The Guardian June 27, 2006
It is time to protect the public's human rights The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph November 5, 2006
Good for crooks, bad for human rights Daniel Hannan The Daily Telegraph November 16, 2006
Natural justice needed - not 'human rights' The Daily Telegraph editorial board The Daily Telegraph August 22, 2007
Redemption, rehabilitation and basic human rights The Independent editorial board The Independent August 22, 2007