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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "Newsday"

This is a source.

Publication type: Newspaper

Circulation: 360,000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this source:

Title Author Date Topic
Court's legitimacy in the balance Newsday editorial board October 17, 2020 Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination
A way forward for net neutrality Newsday editorial board December 12, 2017 Net neutrality in the United States
Hillary Clinton should be our next president Newsday editorial board October 21, 2016 United States presidential election, 2016
Give Iran deal hard look, serious debate Newsday editorial board July 14, 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
On Syria, there are red lines and bad options Newsday editorial board August 28, 2013 Syrian civil war
Elect Mitt Romney president of the United States Newsday editorial board November 2, 2012 United States presidential election, 2012
Obama signs first-step bill Newsday editorial board February 17, 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Barack Obama has the vision and the judgment to lead the country now Newsday editorial board November 2, 2008 United States presidential election, 2008
Bush's flip-flop on Iran is better late than never James Klurfeld July 17, 2008 Iranian nuclear crisis
Amnesty would be foreign to founders James Pinkerton June 28, 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
Poor immigrants end up being expensive James Pinkerton May 29, 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007
Support for Bush's war in Iraq is crumbling fast James Klurfeld September 8, 2006 Post-invasion Iraq