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_pageName Source Date
"The Iran debate has really..." Talking Points Memo August 30, 2006
$646,214 Per Government Job The Wall Street Journal January 28, 2009
$825B, keep the change New York Post January 28, 2009
'A bloody PR stunt' USA Today June 2, 2010
'A climate of terror' USA Today April 9, 2008
'A Vietnam Moment' The Wall Street Journal October 31, 2005
'Any delay can be harmful' Chicago Tribune March 25, 2008
'Back Off, Israel,' Doesn't Cut It Los Angeles Times August 6, 2006
'Buy American' provisions offer recipe for retaliation USA Today February 2, 2009
'Card check' red herring The Washington Times November 21, 2008
'Cowboy up,' Alberto Gonzales Los Angeles Times May 23, 2007
'Death panels' exist already The Washington Times August 19, 2009
'Disproportionate' in What Moral Universe? The Washington Post July 28, 2006
'Expected to Sign' The Washington Post August 17, 2007
'Fair Trade' Foolishness The Washington Post November 30, 2006
'Go back to drawing board' USA Today July 16, 2009
'Historic' Stimulus Is Egregious Waste Investor's Business Daily February 12, 2009
'It's not working' Seattle Post-Intelligencer December 7, 2006
'No brainer' Keystone decision make Obama administration looks like it has no brains Tulsa World February 10, 2015
'No-fly zone' is a euphemism for war. We'd be mad to try it The Guardian March 9, 2011
'Reform' horrors: O's Total Disconnect New York Post September 30, 2009
'Reform' Will Cost Us More For Less New York Post July 20, 2009
'See No Progress' The Wall Street Journal April 9, 2008
'Stimulus' Follies: Pelosi's Poison New York Post February 6, 2009
'Temperamental' minimum wage? Pittsburgh Tribune-Review May 9, 2007
'The only sensible choice' USA Today March 16, 2010
'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate USA Today August 10, 2009
'Values' We Have to Hide Abroad The Washington Post September 8, 2006
'Victory' in Libya Chicago Tribune August 25, 2011
'We the people' The Washington Times November 20, 2006
'We wrote the bill' Las Vegas Review-Journal January 25, 2009
'Weiner's waiver': worse than ObamaCare New York Post March 25, 2011
'Whatever it takes': Protecting America is a dirty job New Hampshire Union Leader September 19, 2006
'Yellow ribbon coup' was a very high price to pay The Nation (Thailand) September 21, 2006
(A few) Good measures The Washington Times October 2, 2006
...And Banning Politics New York Post May 6, 2007
...True to forms Pittsburgh Tribune-Review June 19, 2010
1 for president The Press-Enterprise October 28, 2012
10 Things I Hate About Health-Care Reform The Washington Post September 6, 2009
150,000 jobs created? Uh, no The San Diego Union-Tribune March 3, 2010
5 Points on the Critical State of the Economy The Huffington Post February 9, 2009
5 wrong justices USA Today June 29, 2006
50 Laboratories For Health Reform Investor's Business Daily October 28, 2010
50,000 more US troops can save Iraq The Daily Telegraph January 3, 2007
A 'small victory for civilization' The Philadelphia Inquirer April 22, 2007
A 'Surge' in Iraq? The Washington Post January 7, 2007
A 'Surge' in Wasted Sacrifice The Washington Post December 19, 2006
A 'surge' to save Iraq? Sheer madness Pittsburgh Post-Gazette December 20, 2006
A 40-Year Wish List The Wall Street Journal January 28, 2009
A Bad Bargain The New York Times September 22, 2006
A bad case of Obamascare Chicago Tribune May 4, 2013
A Bad, Necessary Bill The Washington Post February 18, 2009
A Bailout for All Our Bad Decisions? The Washington Post September 26, 2008
A Bailout Is Just a Start The Washington Post September 29, 2008
A Balance for Labor The Washington Post March 12, 2007
A Ban on Carry-On Luggage The New York Times September 10, 2006
A Bankrupt Bailout Investor's Business Daily December 19, 2008
A battle won, but a victory? The Washington Post March 23, 2010
A battlefield in the courtroom The Washington Post November 20, 2009
A better focus The San Diego Union-Tribune October 18, 2007
A better-than-expected nuclear deal with Iran The Washington Post April 2, 2015
A big deal on immigration The Boston Globe May 19, 2007
A big step against climate change The Philadelphia Inquirer June 26, 2009
A bill too bad even for the Beltway San Francisco Chronicle July 1, 2007
A Blast at the Lamont Doctrine National Review October 10, 2006
A Blow to Brown The Washington Post June 29, 2007
A Boost for Diplomacy The Washington Post October 26, 2007
A border solution that's chock-full of holes Chicago Tribune October 8, 2006
A Bridge Detroit Needs The Washington Post December 11, 2008
A Bumper-Sticker Menace New York Post January 3, 2007
A Bush Retreat? The Wall Street Journal November 9, 2006
A Bustling Hate-Crime Industry The Washington Post May 13, 2007
A Car Wreck Made in Washington The Wall Street Journal November 26, 2008
A case for additional troops The Washington Times December 15, 2006
A Case for Appeal The Washington Post September 26, 2006
A case for divesting in Sudan The Washington Times October 23, 2006
A Catastrophe Like No Other The Wall Street Journal April 4, 2014
A Cease-Fire Reality: Dealing With Syria The Washington Post July 28, 2006
A chance for Bush to salvage his foreign policy The Boston Globe July 24, 2007
A chance to end artificial alliance The Scotsman September 16, 2014
A clear choice for president Tampa Bay Times October 7, 2020
A cloudy future in Libya for U.S. The Denver Post March 19, 2011
A college education for illegal aliens The Washington Times June 22, 2007
A Conflict Hamas Caused The Washington Post January 6, 2009
A coup for the better The Australian September 21, 2006
A Crucial Choice The Washington Post September 14, 2006
A dangerous gamble in Gaza Financial Times January 4, 2009
A Dangerous New Order The New York Times October 19, 2006
A deadline for Darfur The Boston Globe September 21, 2006
A deal to regret Boston Herald November 26, 2013
A Death Sentence Affirmed The Washington Post December 29, 2006
A defeat for Bolton could undercut US policy The Boston Globe August 1, 2006
A Defeat for the Democracies Human Events August 21, 2006
A Defining Moment for America The Washington Post September 15, 2006
A Dictator Brought to Account New York Post November 7, 2006
A difficult first year Las Vegas Sun March 22, 2011
A Diplomatic Avenue The Washington Post March 1, 2007
A disgraceful exit from Afghanistan Tulsa World August 20, 2021
A Disgraceful Farm Bill The New York Times May 16, 2008
A dose of reality for Obamacare The Orange County Register November 1, 2013