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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "The Australian"

This is a source.

Publication type: Newspaper

Circulation: 300,000

Country of origin: Australia

Language of publication: English


Opinion items that have appeared in this source:

Title Author Date Topic
The UN vote is a risky sideshow The Australian editorial board September 20, 2011 2011 United Nations recognition vote of Palestinian state
Iranian menace must be faced The Australian editorial board June 5, 2010 Gaza flotilla raid
Stopping the rockets a necessity Greg Sheridan January 6, 2009 Gaza War
US must talk to Pyongyang Michael Costello October 13, 2006 North Korean nuclear crisis
A coup for the better Greg Sheridan September 21, 2006 2006 Thailand coup d'état
A nuclear Iran is not an option The Australian editorial board September 1, 2006 Iranian nuclear crisis
A few gains for Israel Greg Sheridan August 17, 2006 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict