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country=United States|

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For more information, see the Wikipedia article "The New Republic"

This is a magazine.

Circulation: 55,000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English

URL: http://www.tnr.com/

Opinion items that have appeared in this magazine:

Title Author Date Topic
If You Can't Go to Cedars-Sinai Anymore, Is It Obamacare's Fault? Jonathan Cohn January 6, 2014 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Israel's Freakout, Explained Yossi Klein Halevi November 26, 2013 Geneva interim agreement on Iranian nuclear program
It's Time to Intervene in Syria John Judis April 30, 2013 Syrian civil war
One Simple Argument Could Have Saved Obamacare. Too Bad Verrilli Didn’t Make It. Jeffrey Rosen March 30, 2012 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
We Intervene Leon Wieseltier March 21, 2011 2011 Libyan uprising
The Case Against Our Attack on Libya Michael Walzer March 21, 2011 2011 Libyan uprising
Obama's Moment of Truth Larry Diamond March 15, 2011 2011 Libyan uprising
Darkness Falls Leon Wieseltier March 11, 2011 2011 Libyan uprising
Tax the Rich! John Judis July 21, 2009 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
In Defense of Waste Jonathan Chait February 12, 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Hamas is a Taliban State Martin Peretz December 31, 2008 Gaza War
Panic in Detroit Jonathan Cohn November 14, 2008 Economic crisis of 2008
Crush the Sunnis James Kurth November 25, 2006 Post-invasion Iraq
To the Brink Peter Beinart November 20, 2006 Post-invasion Iraq
Compromised The New Republic editorial board September 21, 2006 Military Commissions Act of 2006
The United Nations and Darfur The New Republic editorial board September 1, 2006 Darfur conflict
The Abolition of Torture Andrew Sullivan December 7, 2005 McCain Detainee Amendment