Bigger together - both Britain and Scotland would be diminished by Yes vote

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Author(s) The Independent editorial board
Source The Independent
Date September 17, 2014
Quotes-start.png The skittishness of business is perhaps the most worrying factor: it has long been clear that the banks will hop over the border pronto should the Yessers come out on top; but faced with a prolonged period of uncertainty, many other businesses are likely to get cold feet. It should concern the Scottish Nationalists that a large number of voices in so-called Project Fear have come from the private sector; after all, the taxes it pays are needed to line the nest of a fledgling nation. How else are free childcare, free tuition and all the rest to be funded? Quotes-end.png

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This item argues against the position Referendum should pass on the topic Scottish independence referendum, 2014.