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Publication type: Blog

Unique visitors per month: 2000000

Country of origin: United States

Language of publication: English

URL: http://www.dailykos.com/

Opinion items that have appeared in this source:

Title Author Date Topic
Affordable Care Act: Obama Built That! PistolSO August 4, 2012 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
It's Not Just About Immunity Russ Feingold January 17, 2008 Protect America Act of 2007
Call It What It Is: Overturning Brown v. Board of Education Jesselyn Radack June 29, 2007 Parents v. Seattle
Prelude To A Massacre Mash January 7, 2007 Post-invasion Iraq
Iran Has A Right To Attack Israel Heathlander January 7, 2007 Iranian nuclear crisis
Drank GOP Kool-Aid on 'Voter ID'? Jimmy Carter did too, ProgressiveEconomist September 22, 2006 Federal Election Integrity Act
Keep War Crimes Criminal Wigwam September 11, 2006 Military Commissions Act of 2006