Delay the Senate vote on Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

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This is an opinion item.

Author(s) Houston Chronicle editorial board
Source Houston Chronicle
Date October 16, 2020
Quotes-start.png The U.S. Senate is within its rights to consider Barrett, who has been deemed "well-qualified" by the American Bar Association, the group's highest rating, and came across in her testimony as brilliant, thoughtful and well-tempered. But when it comes to whether to confirm Barrett as the next justice, senators of both parties should delay a decision until after the Nov. 3 election. This isn't about Barrett or Senate prerogatives or presidential powers. It is about the good of a nation that has been torn apart by partisan political maneuvering and is even now in the process of choosing a president and a Congress that will be sworn into office in just 96 days. As we've said before, ramming through a Supreme Court nomination, the latest ever considered in a presidential election year, will only further damage our nation's democratic mores and values that have been trampled by the president and a complicit Republican Party. Quotes-end.png

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This item argues against the position Barrett should be confirmed on the topic Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination.