Guantánamo Follies

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This is an opinion item.

Author(s) The New York Times editorial board
Source The New York Times
Date April 6, 2007
Quotes-start.png "For Americans, like us, who are sickened by the Guantánamo prison, the Hicks bargain was emblematic of its lawless nature. If there was evidence that Mr. Hicks was a terrorist, we have yet to see it. He was declared an illegal combatant by a kangaroo court created to confirm that designation, which had been applied long before. He was denied a lawyer and censored by the court when he tried to pursue abuse charges. Under his plea bargain he gave up his right to sue, repudiated his own accounts of abuse and was even barred from talking to the news media about his experience." Quotes-end.png

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This item argues for the position Act should be overturned on the topic Military Commissions Act of 2006.