In ditching Paris deal, Trump does right by America and the world

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Author(s) New York Post editorial board
Source New York Post
Date June 1, 2017
Quotes-start.png As Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg notes, it entails costs of over $1 trillion a year to shave 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit off global temperatures by 2100 — a tenth the reduction it said is necessary. The better response, Lomborg argues, is massive R&D in non-carbon power — so that humanity needn’t impoverish itself to “save the planet.” As he pursues smart post-Paris policies, Trump ought to boost outlays for “green energy” R&D. America has far cleaner air and water than it did 50 years ago, and more parkland. It should continue those trends, and keep reducing its carbon emissions — democratically. Quotes-end.png

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This item argues for the position United States was right to withdraw on the topic United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.