Military action is dangerous fantasy. We could live with a nuclear Iran

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Author(s) David Clark
Source The Guardian
Date August 14, 2009
Quotes-start.png "Military command and control is the prerogative of the clerical elite, which more than anything is concerned with preserving its own power structure. Even anti-Zionist posturing is rationally grounded in Iran's desire to increase its regional clout despite the limitation of being a non-Arab state. Militancy on behalf of the Palestinians is often just another instrument of statecraft, and a particularly cynical one. It isn't going to be pushed to the point where the Islamic Republic's survival is in jeopardy." Quotes-end.png

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This item argues against the position United States should attack Iran on the topic Iranian nuclear crisis.

This item argues for the position Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons on the topic Iranian nuclear crisis.