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Timezone information must be provided because we display events here from all over the world and need to know what time to show them as.

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Timezones in the two date fields are most likely one of these:
UTC Coordinated Universal Time 0
AWST Australian Western Standard Time 8
ACST Australian Central Standard Time 9.5
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time 10
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Savings Time (first Sunday in October – first Sunday in April) 10.5
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (first Sunday in October – first Sunday in April) 11
NZST New Zealand Standard Time 12
NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time (last Sunday in September – first Sunday in April) 13
Start date
End date
Timezone (for display)

Enter the timezone that this event's times will be displayed in. You must set this even if it's the same as the timezone used in the date fields above (because it isn't always the same).

Any text describing where the event is to be held.

Put a pin on the map where the event is to be held. Optional.

URL of the event's main page; will default to the page on this wiki if not supplied.
Short description
Long description

General keywords or tags for this event. Optional. Keywords will also be used to categorise the event (i.e. each keyword has its own page as well as a matching category page).
Upload file
An image filename without the "File:" prefix. Usually this is a Commons file, but you can also use the link above to upload a file to this wiki.

Report (to be completed after the event)[edit]

General report

Including key outcomes. Note that a value is required in this field is required, in order for any of the following fields to be displayed.
Number of attendees

Cost to WMAU

Event metrics report

Create your event on Event Metrics, calculate totals, and paste the 'Event Summary' wikitext report here.