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This form (5-10 minutes) will help document activities and projects related to Movement Strategy - who is working on Movement Strategy? What parts of it? Where? With whom? All activities are welcome no matter who is working on them (volunteers, Affiliate staff, WMF staff, etc.). The data you enter into this survey is meant to be PUBLIC and PERMANENT so that stakeholders across the Movement can learn about each other's work and connect with each other to collaborate on current and future activity. The value of this data collection exercise is to create awareness and encourage connecting with each other across the Movement for the implementation of Movement Strategy. The data is intended to remain permanently available for Movement stakeholders. Please also refer to our privacy statement for more information: This form is created and curated by the Movement Strategy & Governance Team of the Wikimedia Foundation in collaboration with the Movement Strategy & Global Relations team of Wikimedia Deutschland for the Wikimedia Summit 2022.

Activity Description[edit]

Please briefly describe the activity and its main objectives (limit 500 characters).

Primary Movement Strategy Recommendation[edit]

Which Movement Strategy Recommendation is the activity primarily linked to?

Secondary Movement Strategy Recommendation(s)[edit]

Which other Movement Strategy Recommendation(s) are related to this activity? (Choose up to 3)

Regional Focus of the Activity[edit]

If this activity has a regional focus, where? Please select all that apply. If this activity has a global focus, you can select the global option.

Language Focus of the Activity[edit]

If this activity has a language focus, which language(s)? Feel free to add all the relevant languages.

Links about Activity[edit]

Please insert any relevant links with further information about the activity.

Stage of Activity[edit]

Choose the stage that best matches the current state of your activity (select all that apply):

Seeking Collaboration?[edit]

Does your organization want to collaborate with others on an existing or new activity or idea?

Seeking Collaboration With?[edit]

If yes, with whom does your organization want to collaborate?

Collaboration Needs of the Activity[edit]

If you are open to collaboration, what kind of collaboration is your organization seeking? Please select all that apply.

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