TSA airport screening procedures controversy

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This is a topic, with start date November 15, 2010 and unknown end date.

Its theme(s) are Terrorism, United States domestic politics.

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Profiling should be used instead


New procedures are justified


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Title Author Source Date
Freedom fades as we grope for answers Margery Eagan Boston Herald November 16, 2010
Body scanners: The naked truth David Rittgers New York Post November 17, 2010
Napolitano: The Ball's In My Court Now Ann Coulter Human Events November 17, 2010
Forget the 'porn machines' Michael Totten New York Post November 19, 2010
Don't touch my junk Charles Krauthammer The Washington Post November 19, 2010
Invasion of privacy Tom Keane The Boston Globe November 19, 2010
TSA's security charade The Washington Times editorial board The Washington Times November 20, 2010
Somehow, patting down disabled, elderly improves security John L. Smith Las Vegas Review-Journal November 21, 2010
To find the needles, reduce the haystack Thomas E. McNamara Los Angeles Times November 21, 2010
The T.S. of A takes control George F. Will The Washington Post November 21, 2010
Air travel: One step behind terrorists Jeff Jacoby The Boston Globe November 21, 2010
Enduring the bare necessities in airport screening Kathleen Parker The Washington Post November 21, 2010
Airport "Security"? Thomas Sowell Human Events November 23, 2010
Pat-downs vs. profiling New York Post editorial board New York Post November 23, 2010
TSA pat-downs prove it - Americans are whiners Debra Saunders San Francisco Chronicle November 23, 2010
TSA outcry is really a call for profiling Eugene Robinson The Washington Post November 23, 2010
Why we need TSA's security measures John Pistole USA Today November 24, 2010
Don't touch my junk? Grow up, America. Ruth Marcus The Washington Post November 24, 2010
The Real Threat to America Roger Cohen The New York Times November 25, 2010
Behavioral profiling best way to enhance air travel security Jonathan Gurwitz San Antonio Express-News November 27, 2010
Why the TSA pat-downs and body scans are unconstitutional Jeffrey Rosen The Washington Post November 28, 2010