State Children's Health Insurance Program

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This is a topic, with start date February 9, 2007 and end date December 29, 2007.

Its theme(s) are United States domestic politics.

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Program should be expanded

Veto SCHIP by Peter Ferrara (National Review, September 24, 2007) (view)

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Title Author Source Date
Right on, Orrin!: Senator is right to oppose Bush over CHIP The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board The Salt Lake Tribune September 23, 2007
Veto SCHIP Peter Ferrara National Review September 24, 2007
Sink this SCHIP Michael F. Cannon New York Post September 24, 2007
Are You For Good Government or Bad Government? Bill Scher The Huffington Post September 24, 2007
Gunfight at the S-Chip Corral The New York Times editorial board The New York Times September 25, 2007
SCHIP Charade Investor's Business Daily editorial board Investor's Business Daily September 26, 2007
Plan to protect kids' health spawns needless veto fight USA Today editorial board USA Today September 27, 2007
President's plan is better Mike Leavitt USA Today September 27, 2007
GOP opposition will backfire Tom Daschle John Podesta The Miami Herald September 28, 2007
Bill is an attempt to nationalize care Zach Wamp The Tennessean September 28, 2007
Schip for Everyone The Wall Street Journal editorial board The Wall Street Journal September 28, 2007
Bush's Unhealthy Veto Sebastian Mallaby The Washington Post October 1, 2007
My Challenge to the President Ted Kennedy The Huffington Post October 3, 2007
Misleading Spin on Children’s Health The New York Times editorial board The New York Times October 5, 2007
Truth about Bush's SCHIP veto doesn't match harsh rhetoric Grace-Marie Turner The Baltimore Sun October 14, 2007
Bush gives bogus answers to the $83,000 question USA Today editorial board USA Today October 17, 2007
Cover poor children first Al Hubbard USA Today October 17, 2007
The Economic Reasons Why the Middle Class Needs SCHIP Hale Stewart The Huffington Post October 17, 2007
Let SCHIPs Chart Their Own Course Jacob Sullum Reason October 17, 2007
A better focus The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board The San Diego Union-Tribune October 18, 2007
There Are Better Ways to Insure Kids Grace-Marie Turner The Wall Street Journal October 18, 2007
The Children’s Crusade — for Socialized Medicine Rich Lowry National Review October 19, 2007
The real war on children Mark Steyn The Orange County Register October 20, 2007